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Opengl framebuffer object
So if your message says it can't find a root component of type 24, for example, it is referring to a Form; if it is 20, then it's a Role, and so forth, as described in the linked-to page above. The root component will be a GUID, which you will need to look for in the customization.xml file. We didn’t find the application ID {0} in your CRM database. Correct the application ID and resubmit the update. Name: AzureOperationResponseTimedOut Hex: 80061635 Number: -2147084747 This component also use the lightning:overlayLibrary tag and the same aura:id that we will define in mainComponent. This works great within lightning record page. Also, if I call this component from a quick action it works but it throws an error after I close it.