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The rotor will be the armature if the voltage output is generated there; the rotor will be the field if the field excitation is applied there. Stator. The stator of an AC generator is the stationary part. As the rotor, this component may be the armature or the field, depending on the type of generator. The relation between the speed of the stator and the rotor angular frequency is the slip, s: = 𝜔 −𝜔 𝜔 (2) The relation between the slip,the stator, and the rotor angular frequency is given by: 𝜔 = 𝜔 (3) Equivalently, the relation between the frequencies can also be derived: = (4) If you reduce the voltage of an induction motor while keeping the frequency fixed, you reduce the torque available from the motor. It is a square law relationship - a 10% reduction in voltage can lead to a 19% reduction in maximum torque output. R...